Photo booths allow guests to take home mementos from a wedding or Party

They are a sort of ice breaker for the guests who might not know what to do, while waiting in the reception line for the happy couple. It is a brilliant idea – no one has to wait in awkward silence, waiting for the Mr. and Mrs. to arrive. They can instead take time to put their goofiest face and enjoy a ‘country-themed’ photo session. Many photo booths can share a link with guests so they can go online and print out their photo booth photos.

Photo booths may have become more common place at weddings or parties these days. However, there is a reason they are so popular. For many guests, photo booths are guests’ permission to have a good time at any party or wedding and act different from the norm. Guests may choose to dress up in character, if they know there will be an opportunity to get a photo in a photo booth. Who says you cannot act a little crazy when it is just you and the camera?

Give guests a memory that they will not soon forget – with a photo booth session!

Many brides are skipping the traditional gifts for the bridesmaids or other wedding guests and opting to provide guests with their own photo of the evening. However, a photo booth at a wedding won’t grow old because it allows wedding guests to enjoy a very special memento of the evening that is individual, personal, and still a very specific gift tailored to the person.

Should you opt to buy or rent a photo booth? Photo booths — for both birthday parties to wedding celebrations? Keep in mind that while it could save you hundreds to let guests take their own wedding or party mementos, you still may have to pay several hundreds to a company to set up a well-lit photo booth. The costs for a single photo booth varies widely, depending on size and how long you want a professional on hand to man your photo booth. Costs can range from $400 to more than $1,000 to have a photo booth for few hours.

Why you certainly won’t regret placing a photo booth front and center at any party.

Wedding guests are a great way for you to bring all your wedding guests or party goers together. You might not be able to fit them into the photo booth at the same time. But, they can all say that they have something in common – a photo booth!

The nice thing about a photo booth is that it does not matter a guest’s age. A four-year-old can have as much fun in a photo booth as a 90-year-old granny. This is what makes photo booths so timeless at any party or wedding. It really is a space where anyone can have fun and take home a memento!